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happy easter

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isnt it odd how the human mind expands inwardly forever

i can build characters and worlds and universes and define new laws of nature

construct stories and timelines and fit it all together inside my own head

and yet i can’t draw a fUCKING LAMP

Thank you

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The perspective of every girlfriend Bucky Barnes has ever had tbh

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"I think that [Natasha] is sort of a shape-shifter. It was sort of like playing two different characters. One character that is more kind of mysterious, I don’t want to say submissive, but she’s blending in with the crowd, I suppose. The other part of this character is someone who is assertive and knows their sh-t. She’s able to just say, ‘I’m going to fight this head on.’"
—Scarlett Johansson

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Guilherme Leao, 22, became quite the celebrity after photos of him working as a security guard for Metro Sao Paulo went viral through social networks. See more of this very popular guard.

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Anonymous - Imagine the Winter Soldier not wanting to be Bucky. He just wants to be his own person, not trying to be someone from the past. He hates when he is being called Bucky, 'cause he has chosen his new name himself and it's his and no one else's. And he always goes wild when Steve is trying to coax him, because "Dead is dead, Cap!" ans Steve doesn't know that to do, he wants his friend back so badly, but that's just a stranger wearing his best friend's face and denying any help

imaginebucky -

There are so many things about the recently captured Bucky sitting in one of Tony’s more secure “guest” rooms that Steve doesn’t know how to deal with. He refuses to call Steve by name, or answer to his own. He insists that they call him the Soldier, yelling that it’s his, he picked it, he’s not Bucky, because Bucky died alone in the snow. Steve retreats to his room after that particular episode, and isn’t seen again until the next morning. 

Natasha finds, in the Winter Soldier files, that HYDRA had projected that giving their top asset the choice of his new codename would give him a sense of control which he had been lacking, and make him more efficient. His record from that point on suggests they were correct. 

Bucky shuts down when asked to make personal decisions, even something as small as if he’d like another blanket for his bed. He fights back viciously when told to do anything, even shower. He grows wilder, looks less like the man Steve had known and loved, with each passing day. 

Steve’s starting to wonder if they made a mistake, bringing Bucky in. If maybe they shouldn’t have let him have some time to figure himself out before offering help, rather than treating him as a hostile as soon as they knew his position. Then he attacks an orderly changing his bedsheets. He manages to beat the man half to death, despite Tony having removed his metal arm, before the guards can pull him off. Steve thinks that the thing wearing Bucky’s face is more of a starved attack dog than a man. He hates himself for letting the thought cross his mind. 

It’s been a week since they caught him when Steve brings him a plate of food and asks, tentatively,

"You hungry, Buck?" he’s hardly had time to set the plate down before Bucky’s pinning him to the door with a snarl. Steve lets him. There’s something sharp pressed to his throat and Steve wonders distantly how he managed it. 

"I’d rather be dead than be your stupid fucking friend. He’s gone. Get it through your head." Steve almost hopes Bucky will hit him, stab him, but he doesn’t. 

"You call me that name again, and I will be, too," the Soldier hisses. He steps back and lets Steve take the makeshift knife from him in silence. 

"You will eat that, Soldier, and then you will wash yourself," Steve says in his command voice, nodding at the plate he had brought, and leaves the room. The Soldier doesn’t smile, but Steve can see the victory in his eyes. For the first time in a week, he cleans his plate, showers, and brushes his teeth. 

Steve’s never felt so lost. 

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This Illustrator Turns the World Around Him into Real-Life Cartoons

I think this is one of my favourite photo sets on this site

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Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?-Steve Rogers

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At first I thought this was porn and then I realised it was Captain America and now I’m confused with life. 

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anthony mackie’s spider-man sound effects!!! this is the best thing you’ll ever listen to

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Let me explain sexuality to you



Through gifs.

Everyone gets straight and gay, so I’m leaving those out.







You are now informed.

Actually, this really clears it up for me.

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the beauty we learn behind this aweful tragedy from the young pure souls

  1. a boy give his life jacket and give all his life to help his classmate… he die as a hero on his birthday
  2. a young selfless ship attendant help distribute life jackets to passenger and stay behind until her last breath
  3. a 6 years old brother who give his life jacket to his 5 years old sister and wispher comfort even his fate is still unknown
  4. a student who yell for rescuer to take a small child from his arms even the ferry is sinking and he still on it

either u’re gone or safe or still missing my thought and pray goes for you…may your soul rest in peace and hope miracles exist so u can be with your love again and be safe…


everything about this is heartbreaking. 

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if I make you ship something:

1. I am sincerely sorry

2. 1 is a lie

3. it was my plan all along

4. message me stuff about it so we can chat uwu

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